Stefan Kienberger
Tel: +43 (0) 662 / 8044-7567

Stefan is a member of the work package INTEGRATE, and is currently a senior researcher and project manager at Z_GIS. the coordinator for the CAERUS Project. 


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Kienberger Stefan

Paris-Lodron University Salzburg

The Interfaculty Department of Geoinformatics – Z_GIS (www.uni-salzburg.at/zgis) is an interdisciplinary department established at Paris-Lodron University Salzburg. It is dedicated to fundamental and applied research, integrated spatial analysis, outreach activities and networking, professional education
(www.unigis.net) and training. As experts for the spatial view Z_GIS focuses on interoperable GIS usage, spatial modelling, satellite remote sensing, image analysis, digital cartography and GI-based communication.

The division Integrated Spatial Analysis (ISA) fosters new technologies for spatial decision support and policy implementation. GI related methods and tools are applied and adapted to disaster risk reduction, crisis and conflict prevention, health related topics, climate change adaptation as well as water and
environmental management – all in the light of a sustainable future. A specific methodological focus is the integration of geo-spatial data and up-to-date satellite-derived image information through integrated spatial indicators. Z_GIS structures and visualizes, communicates and disseminates spatial information
products to reveal the inherent meaning of large spatial data collections.

Z_GIS is strongly involved in EU-funded RTD activities, development cooperation and educational projects and is actively supporting and promoting the GMES initiative in an interdisciplinary research. Moreover, Z_GIS, through previous and ongoing projects but also in strong established collaboration with users such as NGOs (Médecins Sans Frontières, COOPI), international organisations (UNDP, UNEP) and EC programmes (e.g. DIPECHO), Z_GIS gained significant expertise in the domain of risk reduction and human security, emergency response and and recovery.

Specific Role in CAERUS
PLUS will be involved in WP4 with regard to qualitative methods for education-employment studies, and WP5 with regard to the Integrative Analysis Services.