Scientific Publications

Conflict, disaster, and health security. An article in the LANCET from the CAERUS team.
Simon Rushton, Louis Lillywhite, Bhimsen Devkota
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River Bank Erosion Induced Human Displacement and Its Consequences
Tuhin K. Das and Sushil K. Haldar and Ivy Das Gupta and Sayanti Sen
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Conflicts and Socioeconomic Consequences in Northeast India
Tuhin K. Das, Ivy Das Gupta, Sushil K. Haldar, Sudakhina Mitra
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How can education contribute to the transition from crisis to stability?

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Civil Registration and Vital Statistics in Conflict and Emergencies.  Will the Momentum be Used to Address the Right Challenges?
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Press Releases
NILU Press ReleasePress Release announcing CAERUS Project and NILU's role.Download
Work Package 1
D1.1 Policy learning paper on LRRD policies and instruments AnalysisPDF Format 27th February, 2015Download
D1.3 First Consultation ReportPDF Format April 19'th, 2015Download
NSAGS MEETING SUMMARYPDF Format. 24–25 March 2015Download
Work Package 3
D3.1 The role of education in the transition from relief to development: A review of existing knowledge and suggested way forward. 27 November, 2014Download
Work Package 4
Work Package 5
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Work Package 6
D 6.5 Project Website Report30th May, 2014Download
Work Package 7
D7.1 Kick off Meeting ReportPDF Format May 27th, 2014Download
D7.2 First Consortium Meeting ReportPDF Format 29'th April, 2015Download